The Pacific Northwest Mama

“Every day may not be good but

there is something good in every day.”

29572948_10213851923524871_6324419711382055665_nMy name is Bethany and I am the proud mama of a sweet little boy named Roman. I am also happily married to the man of my dreams. Together we live in a small town located in the BEAUTIFUL Pacific Northwest. When the three of us are not relaxing at home, we are out exploring the land. We love hiking, camping, going to the coast, and trying new things. Our souls our entwined into nature and nothing can change that. Whenever I can get sometime to myself, I enjoy reading, photography, cooking, and writing or a hot bath at the end of the day. I like to think that I know I thing or two about drinking wine and that I am pro-runner (both of which are false 99.99% of the time). My motto is simple, start each day with a smile and never give up. Life is too short to not enjoy the little things.

Pacific Northwest Mama was born out of my love for my family and writing. My first pregnancy was a roller coaster of emotions and I wanna share it with other mamas. Follow my crazy story and realize that you are not alone. Being a full time working mama is no easy task, which is why you will find easy dinners and meal prep on this site. And whoever said  traveling with kids  was easy, lied! Which is why I will share some of my secret tips for traveling without pulling out your hair. 28795373_10213661797731845_1985619061704284930_nCome and join me on this wild adventure we call motherhood.

This blog is filled with love, laughter, and sometimes tears. Here, you will find a safe place to relax and learn new things. You might even find yourself connecting with other mama’s out there. Maybe you will share your own story with us. Pacific Northwest Mama is about creating real stories, real food, and real travel adventures for the everyday mama.

Let’s be honest, being a mama is hard work. So I wanna hear from all of ya’ll too. Please use that fancy contact me button and share your thoughts, comments, or stories. This world is filled all kinds of mamas and I wanna be connected with all of you.